Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RRSP: Letter B, number 18, sight word "they"

We recently finished another Raising Rockstars Preschool unit.  When I say recently, I mean 2 weeks ago!  I always seem to get a little behind when blogging about the school lessons.  I think because 1) they are longer posts in general and 2) it takes time to edit the pictures...especially if I've taken a lot.  Anyways, we are currently working on another unit, but it's taking a while since we've been fairly busy.

Back to our completed lesson...We studied the letter B, the number 18 and sight word "they".  Our memory verse was, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9.  I also added extra butterfly activities, as in "B is for butterfly".

Raising Rockstars Preschool (1+1+1=1):

Coloring her memory verse...did you know doves are green?  well, they are! ;)

Learning the basics to an uppercase "B" and then tracing uppercase B's.  RRSP, focuses on the uppercase letters but does show how to draw the lowercase letters.  We'll work more on the lowercase letters this next year.

The memory verse craft.  I colored the bird, but she colored the wings and then glued the pieces together to make the dove.

Letter B:
She likes to trace things, especially when it draws something as opposed to just drawing letters.  She liked tracing the other half of this bear.
She's much better at these letter mazes than she was in January!  Yay!
This was one of my "let go" moments when I gave her glue, beans and buttons to do herself.  I was right there the whole time, but I was preparing other school stuff.  I think I also helped a little bit in the very end, but only because she asked me to!
Sorting lowercase and uppercase B's.  This is a task that take her FOREVER to do!  It's not because it's difficult, but because she talks the entire time and doesn't focus on what she's doing.  Maybe it's too easy for her, so instead she tells stories or counts the b's or pretends they are something else or...or...or...  I'm telling you, my patience runs thin with this activity. ;)

Butterfly extras:

She likes the "which is different" activity that 2Teachingmommies always has in their preschool packs.
For this unit, I specifically printed a number puzzle using numbers 11-20.  She did really great and hardly needed any help.  We just count a lot with this puzzle, "11,12...11,12,13...11,12,13,14..." until we've put all of the pieces together.

Of course we couldn't study the letter B without playing our bug sorting game.  This is definitely a game that has to be played when Meredith is sleeping!  Although, with Meredith pulling up on everything now, we can't do much school if she's awake.

We made a caterpillar out of pom poms.  What you don't see in this picture is the finished product where she added at least 15-20 more pom poms and mad it a really fat caterpillar! ;)

This was my other "let go" moment...can you tell! ;)
I obviously helped her with the glitter on this one...

 We only did a small pattern activity this time around from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

We also read our caterpillar/butterfly books during school...

We used butterfly counting cards for this unit from Confessions of a homeschooler.  We used small clips for a few of them and since she doesn't want to reuse the clips after each card, we had to pull out the tiny clothespins.  Unfortunately, the tiny clothespins are too hard for her to open, so we just placed them on the butterfly.  The problem then became that she forgot what number she was trying to count to and would keep adding clothespins until I stopped her.  This is an activity where she focuses so much on how the clips line up and where they are placed, that she forgets to concentrate on the counting.  We have to recount our clips A LOT! ;)

As I said earlier, we are working on the letter R unit, but it's taking a little while to complete.  We'll finish it one day!

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  1. My teacher heart SOARS when reading all these school posts! Her teachers are going to FLIP when Kinder starts!!! Keep it up momma! You are doing a job VERY well done! :)


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