Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am so excited for the Olympics to start!  I've been talking about them with Mackenzie since the beginning of the month.  I actually found some calendar cards from 1+1+1=1 that introduce a different sport each day of July. 

We haven't gone into any great depth about each sport, but we do talk about it a little bit.  For instance, one of the sports was badmitten and when she saw the picture, she said it was what they played in Disney's Robinhood.  At least she recognized it!  She also so said the target on the Archery card looked like the "store we go to."  Why yes, that's why Target is called Target! ;)

I've also been pinning activities on pinterest for Mackenzie and I to do, starting this next week.  My favorite is the salt dough metals and the paper plate olympic rings.  Hopefully over the course of the two weeks that they are on, we can do most of the activities I've pinned.  Maybe we'll even make up our own olympic activities to do here in the house or outside.

I know I'm a crazy planner, but I think I hit my craziest moment the other day when I thought about what to do for Mackenzie and Meredith's birthday 4 YEARS! ;)  I think it would be really fun to have an olympic birthday party and in four years the girls would be turning 5 and 8, so I think it would be perfect since it would right after another round of summer olypmics.  Don't worry, my crazy stops at the idea...I didn't plan anything else, just the overall theme. ;)  

Are you guys as excited about the Olympics as I am?  Are you planning anything fun to do with your kids?

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