Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Photo Love

So, a lot of blogs that are popular have sponsors and have an end of the month post where they thank their sponsors and talk about their products.  I'm not popular (other than friends and family) and I don't have any sponsors, but I do have two wonderful little girls that give me more than enough blog topics every day.  Not all of the topics and/or photos I take make it onto the blog, so I thought I'd have an end of the month favorite pictures post.  Below are my favorite photos from the month of June, most of which have not been blogged about this past month.

Hanging out at the pool.

Checking out her great grandfather - Papa.

Playing on the iPad with Granny.

Chillin' with sister.

Playing outside.

Doing school in the morning light.

Happy Father's Day.

Standing up anywhere and everywhere.

sucking on the bottom tooth coming in.

Meredith's typical smile.

Thanks again to my sponsors...Mackenzie and Meredith! ;)

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  1. Aawwwww! Those are adorable. Some of my favorite I've seen.


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