Monday, July 23, 2012

First Musical...The Lion King

Well, it would appear that Mackenzie had a week full of firsts!  First, the circus, then the beach, and finally The Lion King musical on Saturday!  I got an email months ago about the Lion King tickets for presale and immediately bought 3 tickets for Mackenzie, my mom and myself.  My mom and I saw The Lion King in 2006 in New York, but of course wanted to see it again and I especially wanted Mackenzie to see it.

I was a little concerned about the length of the show when I saw that it was going to be 2 hours and 45 minutes including the intermission, but Mackenzie did great.  She spent her time between her booster seat and my lap, but never really complained.  There were a few slow parts for her, but they were usually followed by a big singing/dance number that quickly grabbed her attention.  She's seen the movie a hundred times, so there were parts that she would ask me about when the musical didn't follow the movie exactly.  Leave it to her to point out every part that wasn't just like the movie, "why didn't they make it rain, like the movie?".

The musical not only made it a great afternoon, but the fact that Mackenzie and I got to spend some time together, just us, was really great too.  Of course, Brandon and Meredith had some quality time together too.  So, it was a win-win for everyone!

I'm looking forward to many more musicals in our future.  I had an email for Beauty and the Beast presale tickets the other day, but it's only here for 5 days and let's face it, tickets are NOT cheap! ;)  I figure if we do one musical/show a year, we'll be just fine.  During the holidays maybe we'll go see the Nutcracker or see if the Rockets will be back in town.

*BTW, Mackenzie did where her sunglasses a couple of times during The Lion King!  Silly girl!

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