Thursday, July 12, 2012


While straightening up our bookshelves the other day, I noticed I had quite a few books with bookmarks still in them.  I guess that means I should look at those books and see if I want to finish them or not.  And chances are, by now, I would have to re-read those books since the bookmarks were probably in there since before we moved 2 years ago.

Did you know I collect bookmarks? I don't quite remember when I got my first one, but I do have one marked from 1987, so since I was 7 at least.

Over the years, I have collected quite a lot. (I sorted through all of them and then put them away without counting them.  Shame on me.) 
At Christmas I always get at least one, if not two or more from my mom and grandmother.  I also try to buy one whenever we travel somewhere new.  They aren't one of those collections that is for looking only.  I actually use them.  Well, I used to use them all the time, but since we've moved I haven't had the bookmarks easily accessible.  Not to mention, half the books I read are Nook books which don't require cute little bookmarks.

Since my goal was to make them readily accessible, I gathered and looked through all of the bookmarks last night.  I sorted them, took most of them out of their boxes or plastic sleeves and put them all in one place.  Everyone was in bed and I pulled them all out and looked at each and every one of them.  A lot I remembered using as a child and an adult, but sadly some of them I couldn't remember who gave it to me.  I loved looking at them and would love to see them and use them more often than I do.  For now, I'll just take a few pictures and blog about them.

These are the ones I've collected while from other places.  Some I've personally bought (New York, Singapore, Miami, Jamaica, Malaysia, Washington DC) and others were given to me (Scotland, Seattle, China).
I took a picture of the goofy ones.  I laughed when I saw the Kermit and Fozzie Bear bookmark because we just watched the newest Muppet movie with Mackenzie a couple of weeks ago.
I have a lot of very beautiful metal and ribbon bookmarks.  I really like them all and the picture does not do them justice.  (remember, I was doing this late at night which means no natural light)
I even have a couple that were my great grandmothers.

And finally, the bookmark that made me really laugh: 
This is funny to me because originally Brandon didn't want to use the name Mackenzie because he first thought of this dog - Spuds McKenzie.  Obviously, he was overruled and most people don't even think of that when they hear the name Mackenzie.  But I think it's funny that I have this bookmark.  I'll have to pass it on to Mackenzie one day! ;)

After looking at them and condensing them (I had lots of cheap paper bookmarks from years of going the library when I was a kid), I put them all in the box shown in the first picture and put them on the shelf.  I did however, pull out my favorite that I don't think I've ever used and put them on the bookshelf out in the open so that I would remember to use them.  Maybe some day I could have them all on display in a shadow box of some sort.  I'll have to think about how I want it to look and get Brandon to build it for me.  You know, in all our spare time! ;) 

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