Saturday, July 14, 2012

ABC crafts & then some

The other day while it rained ALL morning, Mackenzie and I did some arts and crafts while Meredith napped.  Actually, we made learning activities for her, but she liked doing it, so it was "arts and crafts" to her!

First we made a spoon ABC matching game.  I've had the supplies for months, but had never gotten around to making them.

I wrote all of the alphabet (one letter for each spoon) in uppercase letters on the clear spoons.

I, then wrote all of the alphabet in lowercase letters on the white spoons.

Then, you play games with them and match the uppercase to the lowercase letters.

Colored spoons would probably be better and a little cuter, but when HEB only has clear and white, you go with it. ;)  So after months of having the supplies, it took all of 5 minutes and they were finally finished!  Mackenzie wanted to match them, so of course, I let her play a game that reinforces her ABC's, even when we weren't technically having school! ;)  I love that she loves to play these kind of games.

Next we did one of my pinterest challenges - the ABC car game.  We cut out the car and the road and had them all glued on and it looks oh so nice and neat.  Them Mackenzie sweetly asked if she could color the car.  I took a deep breath and went against the voice in my head and let her do whatever she wanted to do.  I'm trying to let go a little more with her. 

She did nothing to mess it up and it still functions as it should.  The "letting go" is allowing her to color freely without direction and let her help even when it might not be exactly how I would have done it.  Let's just say the car game isn't quite as pretty as I had imagined it, but that's ok. ;)

There are 52 wheels, 26 with uppercase letters and 26 with lowercase letters.  The matching letters have the same color "wheels".  Because, you know, that me anyway. ;)
And again, she wanted to play a little with it.  Although, she said she didn't want to match the letters this time.  She just wanted to put wheels on the car and wanted to us the r and z.  Ok...whatever floats your boat. ;)
I plan on laminating the car background paper, but I think I'm going to leave the circles un-laminated.  To be honest, I just don't want to cut out 52 circles again, if I laminate them.  However, the construction paper is pretty thin, so we'll see how long they last.

After we bagged up these two crafts and put them in our school container of activities, I pulled out two extra pieces of paper for us to draw on.  I had decided I wanted to accomplish another pinterest challenge idea - the striped hand illusion.  I lightly traced my hand in pencil and then started drawing black lines about every inch to start the stripes. 

I didn't get too far before Meredith woke up, but I did finish it this afternoon and I think it looks pretty cool.  I even shaded the outline so that it would pop the hand even more.

From far away it looks nice, but when I look at it up close I see the mistakes.  Things I learned from doing this that I will correct before I do another one (because I do plan to do more - maybe even one of all 4 of us!)
  •  A little bit into it I realized I should have done better with the stripes going "over my hand" and not connected them directly to the ones that are on the "paper".  I fixed it in my later stripes, but the earlier stripes are connected and so the hand doesn't "pop" off the paper as clearly.  
  • I also wish I hadn't free handed my stripes as much since they came out crooked and therefore some stripes are thinner on one end and not the other.  
  • A thicker marker would have worked much better so that my stripes could be the same size.
Anyways, so those are the crafts we did this week and I even managed to complete 2 of my 12 pinterest ideas I blogged about!  WooHoo!


  1. Love the spoons! Congrats on letting go of the car project. And your hand looks excellent!

  2. That hand craft is way cool! Not sure I'd have the patience, but it's really neat.

    Cool spoon game too.

  3. That spoon game is awesome!!! Wish I had done it with the boys! And I know what you mean about letting go... us persnickity moms have to do it - and it's hard, but good for the kids. Be strong! :) hahahha


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