Sunday, July 29, 2012

11 months


I cannot believe Meredith is already 11 months old!  In one month I will have a 1 year old!  What?!  I love that she is becoming more of a child with a personality rather than just a baby that lays there and doesn't do much.  Not that I didn't like it when she was a baby, but I love it even more now that she laughs and interacts with us more.

She's getting soooooo big!  Look at that little bear that was once as big as she was! ;)

At 11 months, Meredith...

- crawls everywhere and does not really like to be confined.
- pulls up to standing and stands a little on her own.
- climbs onto and over anything that is low...she particularly likes the treadmill and Mackenzie's green chair.
-still sleeps great!  sleeps 11-12 hours a night + 2 naps a day- eats 3 bottles and 3 meals a day + some snacks
- eats mostly real food (just trying to slowly finish off the baby food we already have)
- loves everything we give her to eat...from chicken avocado enchiladas with green sauce to beef lasagna to refried beans and rice.
- has 5 teeth (4 on top, 1 bottom)
- cries when she doesn't get her way including throwing her head back and having a fit like a 2 year old might do.
- wears 12-18 month clothing and size 4 shoe
- screams at a high pitch with Mackenzie as if they are having a contest.
- waves bye-bye, pretends to tickle while saying "tic,tic,tic", blows kisses
- loves splashing in the water either in the pool or bath.

To remind you, Meredith is the size Mackenzie was at 18 month and you can definitely tell when you look at this comparison photo with the two of them next to the same bear!  Wow!

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  1. She is just so adorable! I would love to see her little teeth.


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