Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time to make money...maybe.

Two weeks ago, I took some baby clothes and carseat to a children's resale shop.  I have high hopes of them selling.    They didn't take a few of the items I brought in a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't even bother to ask why not.  I worked in a resale shop in high school and that was one of the most annoying questions asked, "why won't you take this?"  "what stain?"  "what do you mean it's outdated?"  I just took my bag with the few pieces of clothes inside and put it in my car.  To be honest, I haven't even looked to see what exactly they didn't take.  They'll go in a donation bin and someone will use them.  They only take 40-50 items at a time, so I'll be going back in another week or two with the infant seat stroller, bath tub and a few other summer baby clothes that I've realized Meredith has outgrown. 

My dining room has several piles of clothes sorted by season and as most resale shops only take things at certain times of the year, I'll have to wait a couple of more months to take in the fall/winter clothes.  This particular resale shop will start taking fall and winter clothes in the middle of July, but I think that would be a big mistake to take in clothes that early.  Who shops for fall clothes that early?  In Texas, especially Houston, I'm pretty sure I don't need to take any fall clothes in until September.  Anyways, this place also sells toys and almost any kind of baby gear, so I'm thinking as Meredith gets bigger, more and more of our stuff is going to this store!  I figure I might as well try to make a little money, since I'm not working.  If it doesn't sell, it goes to charity/donation straight from the store, so either way it's out of my house!

I also took pictures a couple of weeks ago for some items I'm planning to sell on Ebay.  I have my account set up and basically I'm waiting for a time when Brandon and I can sit at the computer together and think about the asking prices of items.  I know I want a reserve on my items since I don't want to sell a $270 breast pump for $1!  Any other tips/tricks from those of you who have sold on Ebay before?  What about those who have bought from E-bay, anything you would recommend we do?

So, this is my effort to make a little money while staying home.  We don't NEED the money, but it would be nice to have a little extra for summer trips, random expenses or the girls' birthday party.  We'll see what happens. 


  1. You might try Craig's list for some of the big stuff too. It takes out the issue of shipping costs.

  2. I've been buying and selling on EBay for over 10 years. Here's what I do... Search for similar items as you are wanting to sell. Watch the items and see what they are listed for and then what/if they actually sell for. Then price your items in a similar range. I don't do a reserve price, I just price it for the least amount I am willing to sell then if you only get one bid then you have at least gotten what you want from it. Also, I only accept Payoal payments. It takes the hassle out of it all. And be sure to note that payment is due within 3 days, or something like that. (I always put three days otherwise some people will drag it out.). You may also not be willing to ship out of the US (I'm not!), so be sure to check that option when you are setting up the listing. It is a huge hassle to ship to Canada or overseas. Once you sell a couple of things you'll be a pro. Good luck! I used to buy and sell Chloe's clothes all the time when she was little. Especially the nicer dresses. Usually they are in excellent shape when you buy them because most little ones outgrow their nice clothes with only a couple of wearings.


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