Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This and That..

We've been fairly busy these past 10 days, which explains the blog posts, or lack there of. 

1.  We enrolled Mackenzie in swim lessons and she's on week 2 of everyday lessons.  Going every day isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it is still something that we have to get ready for EVERY DAY!  She's doing pretty well, except she doesn't like to get her face wet.  A little hard to do since she's in a swimming pool for 30 minutes every day! ;)  Yesterday was the first day she didn't cry when she walked into the pool area - Yay!  She's floating on her back fairly calmly and the teacher only has to hold her head.  This could not have been said last Thursday, also known as, the worst swim lesson EVER!  She could not calm down last Thursday and could be seen flailing about in the water as her teacher tried to get her to float on her back.  After that we talked to the director of the school and she told Mackenzie that she needed to 1) try and 2) be brave.  That has been our mantra for the last few days and it seems to be working.

2.  Meredith finally has her first tooth.  Pretty much right after I posted about her not having teeth, I saw the first one coming in.  It disturbed her sleep for a few days and she was waking up at 5:00 and 5:30 for several mornings and not wanting to go back to sleep.  But thankfully, now that it has broken through, she's back to normal and waking up at 6:45.  WooHoo!

3.  Meredith is also pulling up to her feet, which brings a whole new alert level for me.  All of the dvd's are pushed back on the shelf, her crib bumper is out of her bed and drinks/food are not left out on coffee tables or Mackenzie's playroom table.  I was never worried about Mackenzie climbing out of her crib, but I am for Meredith.  She's going to be our climber!  She found my friends stairs the other day and climbed 2 without any issues.  She has also climbed over our treadmill and climbed halfway up a playground slide last week!

4.  Mackenzie has really started singing out loud.  She's always sung the ABC's, Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle all on her own, but she never really sand along to the radio or tv songs.  But now, if she knows the songs, she sings along.  And since she has such a great memory, she knows all of the words.  She even sings to the songs of the toys, which are always catchy and even I sing along to.

5.  Mackenzie asked to do some more school this week.  I printed everything yesterday, so I guess we'll try to do a few items after dance today.  It's nice to know she is still interested in doing school and actually kind of misses it!  I have a cute unit I found for next week and 4th of July, so this week, we'll just focus on the letter B and butterflies.  I had hoped that when we did the butterfly unit, we'd be able to go to the butterfly exhibit, but it's way too hot out to go to a humid rainforest museum to see butterflies.  Maybe we'll take a "rain check" and go in the fall/winter!

6.  I'm starting to plan/obsess over the girls' birthday party in September.  I guess I really shouldn't say "starting" since I've had an excell sheet for a couple of months now!  That's right, I said excell sheet - that's how I do things.  Is that not normal??? ;)  I received the paper, stamp pad and ribbon from my mom a couple of weeks ago and have actually started cutting out banners using my "new to me" Cricut (stay tubed for future posts).  Maybe I'll even do a post about my excell sheet.  How boring fun would that be?! ;)

So here's hoping my next post is sooner than 5 days from now and with more substance than just randomness, but since we still have swim lessons all this week, I can't promise anything!

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