Friday, June 22, 2012

RRSP: Letter P and extra Pond Unit

We are working through our Raising Rockstars Preschool curriculum at a snails pace this summer!  But, that's ok - she's 3 and still has 2 more years at home with me before she goes to Kindergarten.  For the past several weeks we've been working off and on our Letter P unit with an added unit on ponds. I had a ton of stuff I wanted to do, so I just kept going and whenever we had some time we would do a few activities.

Our letter of the week was "P", our number 17, sight word "to" and our verse - "Praise the Lord.  For it is good to sing praises to our God." Psalm 147:1.

Coloring our verse page...
Our craft was to "make music".  When we were finished, she said we could sing and "we'll just have a pretend man".  I asked her what that meant and she said, "you know like the man at church when we sing".  Oh, the song leader, I get it.  So she had me sit next to her and we faced the same direction and sang Jesus Loves Me and we had our pretend man leading us! ;)
Our verse was on waist high this week!
One night after Meredith was in bed, she asked if we could do a little school.  I wasn't really in the mood to do a ton of school stuff, so I just pulled out the matching ABC game.  She had to match the fish with the lowercase letter to its pond with the uppercase letter.  Other than just taking a bit of time to do, she did well.
She loves the number puzzles...
The number puzzle for 11-20 was much more difficult for her.  I tried to show her that if you cover up the 1 on the left, you can see what number comes next, but that was a little confusing for her.  Clearly it's something we need to continue to focus on.
After the struggle with the number order puzzle, I knew we definitely needed to do this next activity.  We just put the numbers in order similar to what we do with the ABC's sometimes.  Again, once we get past 12, it gets difficult for her, but we'll keep working on it.
Sound matching and pinching skills with pond plants/animals from 1+1+1=1...
Brandon's mom brought this game for us the last time she visited.  It has a mystery box full of items and she has to place the items on the correct letter of the alphabet that they start with.  She can pretty much do all of them and she still really enjoys the game.  She usually plays with each item, tells a story about it or just talks in general while playing it.  Pretty much how she plays every other game we have! ;)

She loves to sort the pom poms into the ice cube trays.  This time I brought out 3 different trays and 3 different size pom poms for her to sort.  As usual, she really enjoyed this activity.

Sorting fish by size...I think she's mastered this skill, but we'll keep doing it because she also likes to use the glue stick! ;)
Matching frogs from the Montessori Print Shop was one of the first activities we did.  For having 20 frogs to choose from at once, she did pretty well.
This "Which one is different" sheet was a little difficult...even for me!  The very first line we had to skip and come back to.  Can you see which one is different?  Mackenzie picked up the different snail quicker than me and the frogs were another hard one.  We eventually found them all, but it took a little bit of time.
(In case you were like us and you couldn't find it, the second turtle only has 3 legs; the last snail only has one antennae; the first frog has a different colored eye, which is a little hard to see with the photograph.)

The irony of our pond dice/graphing activity is that the snail won! ;)  She loved getting to use the dot painters, so I think that might become a regular media to use rather than stickers or marking x's.
One day, we decided to forgo the hot, humid playground, so I pulled out the ping pong balls and we practiced tossing them into different containers.  She preferred to just stand over the can an toss them in from above.  Whatever floats your boat, sweetie.

Most of the pond stuff was a preschool pack from Homeschool Creations unless I noted it being from somewhere else.

While our next unit is the letter B with an extra unit on butterflies...I'm not sure when we'll do it.  Since she sometimes randomly asks to do school stuff, I might try to prepare it today so that it's ready whenever we feel like it.  We only have 9 letters that I had hoped to finish before September, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss that goal.  In September we'll get back into school on a regular schedule and this time we are going to focus on bible stories with occasional letter units, so maybe I can add the remaining 9 letters into that curriculum.  Whatever we end up doing will be fine, but for now, we are enjoying summer with an occasional dose of "school"!

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