Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning to share...or not!

Mackenzie adjusted to Meredith just fine when she was born.  With the exception of the time she asked if Meredith could go back in my tummy, she didn't have any jealousy issues.  She wasn't extra clingy to me or Brandon, either.  Having a baby sister that just lays around is no big deal - she doesn't move.  Fast forward 9 months and there are issues.  Not big issues...just sharing issues.  As in, Mackenzie doesn't want to share with the 23 pound baby crawling toward her toys, knowing the first thing she will do is put whatever she can grab in her mouth.  I don't really blame her, who would want slobber all over their toys...other than babies?

In an effort to keep Mackenzie from "freaking out" (my favorite phrase, right now), one day I lined up the chairs around Mackenzie to block Meredith from getting to the doll house.  We called it her "cave."

It works perfectly, because Meredith can't really pull up from the back side of the chair and she hasn't quite figured out that she could move the chairs if she tried to squeeze between them.  I added her basket of toys to the end, so that she would be content with finding those toys and not try to figure out how to climb into the "cave".  Since that first cave, Mackenzie makes it almost daily to keep Meredith away from the doll house.  If that was the only toy we had, then I would probably make Mackenzie share the doll house.  But since we have an entire room dedicated to the girls' toys, I just redirect Meredith to play with something else.

I know there will be many more years to come of fighting over toys, but I'm hoping there will be sharing too! ;)

On a side note, this is what Mackenzie does with her doll house

They are lined up for "school".  Every day she takes them down, lines them up somewhere else and then lines them all back up in the doll house.  Every. Day.

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