Sunday, June 3, 2012

Katy Playstation

A week ago, I took the girls to the Katy Play Station aka the train park. 

I took the girls early one morning (8:00am) and other than two other pairs (parent and child), we were the only ones there.  We went really early to avoid the heat and it we did just that since we weren't too terribly sweaty after 1 hour and 15 minutes outside!  The great thing about this park is that it's all accessible, so there are ramps on and off the entire playground and since there weren't really any kids there, I just walked all around pushing Meredith in the stroller.  Meredith laughed and enjoyed "playing" on the playground as we walked up and down the ramps.  We had been to this playground last spring/summer, but on a Saturday when it was full of kids, so this was nice to be able to push Meredith around and not get in the way or run over by any kids.
Mackenzie would walk from one end of the play ground to the other shouting for me to follow her.  At one end there is essentially a large seesaw, but it's made of benches and has a table in the middle.  She pretended that was her home, so we would have make believe conversations about what "we did that day" or the weather.  When it was time to go, I told her we could make one last trip across the playground but asked if I could be the leader.  She agreed and so I kept calling out, "this way, follow me" just as she had done.  Since we were still in pretend mode, she responded by saying, "I like your neighborhood, it's really nice."  So funny, I laughed out loud!

The swings were also a favorite.  I even got to swing (sway) and didn't feel like half my behind was hanging off as it does on normal swings. ;)

We went back again on Friday morning with Brandon, but the humidity was a little high, so we didn't stay nearly as long.  I think we'll visit again soon, but as the summer wears on we might have to go even earlier! ;)

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  1. What a nice playground! Tell Mackenzie that her Aunt Rhonda wants to come and play there one day.


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