Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun in the Water!

We've been having a lot of water fun this summer.  We've visited a couple splash pads and gone swimming several times, too.  We try to have at least one water activity every week and lately there has been two.  Considering when I worked, we only had Saturdays to go swimming, this year is much better.

Mackenzie is getting a little more comfortable in the water, but still doesn't like having water in her face.  You'll see evidence of that in the video of her at the splash pad, as she runs around the water barely getting wet!  She likes to walk around with us in the swimming pool and rarely wants to use a raft.  For this reason and many others, she has started taking swimming lessons.  Day 2 and there were only tears for the first 5 minutes of class rather than 25 minutes on day 1!  Much improvement!

Meredith, on the other hand LOVES the water.  We finally bought her a good float this past Saturday and she stayed with us in the water for about an hour.  She loves to splash and doesn't care if the water gets in her face.  I think I'll start her in swim lessons next summer and maybe she won't have as much anxiety as Mackenzie does at age 3.

Below are videos of each of the girls in different water activities we've done.  The videos also clearly show the difference in their personalities - cautious fun (Mackenzie) and crazy fun (Meredith).

Here are some other miscellaneous pictures from our summer fun.  I don't have many pictures since my hands are usually wet or we are in a pool, but here's what I have.
Playing at the splash pad...
Having a picnic at the playground and splash pad...
Meredith forced to chill in the stroller.  She didn't like the cold cold water of the splash pad.
Mackenzie's first water slide - she went down it a lot.  She later tried the large slide and liked it.  Unfortunately, her fears got the best of her and she didn't try it until we were about to leave.  She went down the big slide only 2 times.
Meredith floating and splashing.  It's hard to tell in a picture if she's crying or laughing, but let me assure you she was definitely laughing!
Chillin' while daddy and Meredith play in the pool...

I think later this week, if it's not raining, I might attempt taking the girls swimming by myself or with a friend.  Now that Meredith has a decent float, I can just keep her in arms reach and play a little more with Mackenzie.  Today, a friend said she looks forward to the day when she can just lay by the pool and watch the kids, rather than staying right with them and having them hang all over you.  I couldn't agree more!  I love playing with the girls, but it would be nice to just relax by a pool again.  Maybe in another 10 or 12 years! ;)

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