Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day...a little early.

My parents came over last Saturday night to watch the girls while we went out to dinner.  Since they will be gone this weekend, I made sure I had my dad's father's day gifts ready to go.  I couldn't help but scour Pinterest this year for ideas and I found some great ones.  The first one is my favorite! 

It took 2 stores to find all of the candy and in the end I couldn't find Now and Laters.  Do they still make them?  The original used Airheads for the kids signature, but since the girls' initials are both MM, I thought M&M's were more appropriate and cuter than Airheads.

I also couldn't resist making this cute little gift.  The tags and idea are from here.

My Dad's birthday was last week, so I also gave him this cookbook:

along with a batch of cookies (from the book) and a quart of milk.  My dad loves to dunk cookies in milk and from what I can tell/taste, these cookies are perfect for milk dunking!  I now officially want a copy of this cookbook!  All of the recipes looked so tasty!

So that's my craftiness for the week.  I'm linking up to SNAP's show and tell party if you want to jump over there and check out more crafty goodness!

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