Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Cards

I finished my birthday cards I was making.  I finished them around March 10th.  I remember the date because even though I finished them before my sister's birthday on March 13th, I still managed to NOT send a birthday card to her!  SHAME ON ME!

It's way too easy to just text, email, message on facebook a "Happy Birthday" to anyone and everyone.  And that's OK for my friends, but for my family I feel like I need to send a card - something a little more personal.  But that's just me.  I made 36 cards (6 different colos/variations) in hopes that they would last me the entire year for anyone I wanted to say Happy Birthday to in a more personal way. 

The day I decided I would make cards, I pulled out all of the handmade cards I had to find a design I liked.  I also pulled out all of my stamp sets that had to do with birthdays.  I had to do a lot of back and forth - finding a card I liked only to find that I don't have that particular stamp set.  Or finding a stamp set that I liked, but not finding a card that was already designed.  I was trying to avoid designing my own card, since that can sometimes take a while.  I finally settled on this design:
It's a retired Stampin' Up set called Sweet Treats.  I had the stamp set, some markers and plenty of coordinating patterned paper.  I made sure I used papers that could be considered a boy birthday card or a girl birthday card, so that I can send them to whomever I choose.  Once the papers and design were chosen, I cut all the pieces I would need:
Finally, I stamped, colored and assembled the 36 cards.

Here are close-ups of each card and the greeting insert.

So far, they've come in really handy and I haven't had to try to remember buying a card at the grocery store.  Yesterday, for instance, I needed two cards, so I just picked the cards I wanted, adhered the greeting insert and mailed them out.  Getting the cards ready took less time than driving to the mail box! 

So while I've tried to make things easier on myself by having the cards ready to go, my biggest obstacle is remembering to mail them in time! My poor nephews always get their cards a couple of weeks late!  Ugh! 

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  1. Super Cute! My mom is into making cards too.


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