Friday, May 4, 2012

They're back!

Yep,  the birds are back and once again part of our porch is covered in bird poop.  Oooooh yay.  I hope you can see how excited I am.  Woohoo.  Yay.  Oh, how we love birds and bird poop on our porch.  They had left for a time and I was curious if they were going to come back after our "winter" and sure enough, they migrated right back to our door step.  Lucky us.

There are 5 baby birds and I don't think the momma and daddy birds can even fit in the nest.

Whenever I tried to take pictures from under the nest, all I could hear were the momma and daddy bird squawking and flying back and forth around the porch.  I didn't know if they would try to "attack" me or poop on me, so I stayed clear and took pictures from afar.
The entire time we were outside in the yard, the momma and daddy birds sat on the porch eave protecting their children.

I'm pretty sure they were a little weary of this crazy 3 year old running and dancing in the yard! ;)

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