Thursday, May 31, 2012

RRSP: Letter D, 16, "all" and Dog unit

Last week we studied the letter D, the number 16, sight word "all" and I added a unit about Dogs to emphasize the /d/ sound.  Our memory verse was, "Do all things without complaining or disputing" Philippians 2:14.  We applied this verse to our lives quite a bit last week!  And by "we", I do mean me too, because lets face it, we all complain sometimes, even when we shouldn't.

After our daily activities of learning the verse, number, letter and word of the week, calendar time and the computer presentation, she colored her coloring sheet depicting the verse.
The craft for the week was about different responses to use rather than "complaining or disputing".  They included, "I'd be glad to.", "Sure", and "OK".
This is the first letter we've studied with a curve and from here on out, that's all we have left.  Curves are still hard to write/draw for her, but she did great on these tracing sheets.
We finally did a letter sort since the uppercase and lowercase letters look different.  She always does well with these unless she feels she's in a hurry and then just starts putting the letters down without looking at them.
For our collage, we "dot" painted the D.
I haven't worked on too much tracing of numbers and shapes recently, so I found some "D is for dolphin" tracing sheets also from 1+1+1=1.  She really seemed to enjoy them, so I think I'll try to do these more often, if not add them to our weekly regular activities.  I'm thinking I might put them in one of our binders in the page protectors so that she can use the dry erase markers.  Maybe.  I have the tendency to not pull the binder down off the shelf often enough for her to do this, so I might just keep printing different ones each week for her to work on.  OR, I could put them in page protectors, but put them in our drawers each week so that we remember to do them.  Thanks for letting me ramble on while I think out loud and plan our school day! ;) 
For some fun, I brought out the dominoes to play with.  I had never shown her dominoes, so she thought they were pretty fun.  Of course, I think she liked stacking them during her individual playtime more than she liked matching the numbers and making a train with me.  Again, I need to remember to pull these out a little more to play different number games...or just to stack! ;)

Our extra unit this week was about dogs from Homeschool Creations.  Mackenzie loved it, but then again, all of the dogs were on paper, so nothing was scary to her! ;)
One of our favorites is the roll and graph:
She also made a little book about the dog's collars.  I read the description, "This little dog has a green collar" and she found the picture that matched the description.  She glued the pictures on and then I stapled the book together.
More tracing...
My new favorite is the "clip and learn" game.  We talked about each picture one at time and then she had to find the clothespin with the correct letter for the starting sound of the picture and clip it on the card.  She did very well, considering some of the letters for the card, we haven't covered yet, this year.
Patterning, of course...
She likes to do a couple of patterns where she completes the pattern for me and then she makes up her own pattern - which is basically her putting them all in whatever order she wants to.  As long as she doesn't ask me what comes next, we'll be good, since hers don't really have a pattern.  We also did a cut and paste pattern completion page. 
One of our last activities was counting frisbees.  She had to find the number that matched how many frisbees were on the page.  We also did it the other way and counted out frisbees that matched the number I put in the box.  She seemed to like this one also.  When I pulled it out for her she said, "Oh, this is like the ballerina one."  We did the ballerina unit in our 3rd week of school toward the end of January!  Yes, sweetie, it's the same activity from 4 months ago - sorry! ;)

This week is the letter P and an extra unit on Ponds.  We aren't doing so "we haven't even done one full day" - and it's already Thursday.  Oh, well!  I'll post about it once we are finished!

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