Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RRSP and M is for M&M

Our unit reviewed the letter M this past week.  Our memory verse was 1 John 3:18 - My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in truth and in deed.  The sight word was "my".  She now knows 14 sight words (see, the, and, can, for, is, little, me, you, one, down, away, your and my) and I'm impressed that she remembers the words.  She'll get confused a little with you/your and the/and, but for the most part she recognizes the other words.  I try to point them out when we read books or when we are singing at church.  Sometimes she thinks its cool to recognize the words, but other times, she doesn't want to "do that".  Either way, I still take my chances and point them out.

We had a very low key week with only the letter collage craft and the memory verse craft.  I think I have "summer fever" rather than spring fever and am not really into doing school, right now.  This is one of the reasons why I only want to teach preschool to the girls.  I don't think I could do full time preschool.

She colored her memory verse using a brand new box of crayons.  There are a lot of oranges in a 16ct box...orange, yellow-orange, red-orange...is it that popular of a color?
Tracing the letter M:
She had me take 3 pictures of her cutting her vocabulary cards.  I don't think there were any unfamiliar words this time.
The memory verse craft was about sharing toys to show your love.  We talked about all of these toys that she can share with Meredith and other friends.  A couple of days later, Brandon was going to give Meredith one of Mackenzie's bunnies (lovey) and she didn't like it at all!  That is one of the few things that she absolutely will not share with Meredith and although I want her to share all her toys, I'm OK with her not sharing her bunnies.  Meredith has her own Owl lovey and doesn't need Mackenzie's.  They will share LOTS of things in life...I think they can have one item that is only theirs.
Of course you can't study the letter M and not play/eat M&M's!  Thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler, we had quite a few M&M activities!  She put together M&M puzzles:

She counted M&M's and found the corresponding number.
Our last M&M activity on this particular day was to color sort M&M's followed by eating what we sorted.
On another day, we put clothespins on the M&M number.  I bought these mini clothespins thinking they would be easier for her to use, but they were actually harder since they were so small.  Our solution...she counted them out into her hand and then I put them on each M&M.

All 10!
She matched pattern cards with the correct color paper M&M.
The size sort had a lot of M&Ms.  She still starts with the biggest and smallest on either end and then fits the other ones in where they go.  I had to help her with a few because they were fairly similar in size, but eventually we got them all.
Since we were supposed to have done the M unit 2 weeks ago, by the time we got to it last week, we had already eaten half the bag of M&M's!  We had a few left for the last 2 activities.  She counted M&M's again, but this time she graphed the M&M's with the corresponding number.
And finally, she made M's using M&M's on the "do-a-dot" sheet.
Then, we ate them ALL!  And they were delicious!  Maybe our C unit in a few weeks will be for chocolate or candy! ;)

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