Friday, May 25, 2012

Playing with daddy

The girls love it when Brandon comes home.  Apparently, he's much more fun than I am! ;)  Playtime with daddy is always a part of our evening routine.  Meredith really likes to hang upside down.  When I lean her back while I'm holding her and then lift her back up again, she pushes against my arms to go upside down again.  She especially likes it when Brandon picks her up from a crawling position and holds her upside down.  She braces for it and gets still after he's done it once.  This is her having fun upside down.

Even through or because of the blurriness of the picture, you can tell she was having fun!

On this particular night and most nights, Mackenzie wanted to do the same thing as Meredith and was not going to miss out on the fun!

Dad's are so much fun!

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