Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outside in the grass

When we were outside last week, I let Meredith sit in the grass without a blanket.  She sat there just fine, but I couldn't tell if she liked it or not.  She didn't cry, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

It would appear she liked the crawling better than just sitting there.  Of course, that could be said in general whether we are inside or outside. 

 I think having her sister as a distraction was helpful.

I posted my favorite picture of Mackenzie last week, but here's further proof of what a silly 3 year old she is.  She is almost always dancing - wherever we are.  It's getting warmer every day, so I'm not sure how many more non sweaty pictures we'll have until October, unless we go outside at 6am or 9:00pm!

And just for fun, I edited one of Meredith's pictures with different action sets I have.  I think the sunshine one appears to make the sun the reason for her squinting rather than her discomfort in the grass.

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