Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finger Puppet Princesses

A few weeks ago, Mackenzie and I looked at Serving Pink Lemonade's blog to find something we could make/do.  The first thing we saw were Disney Princess finger puppets from Made it on Monday.  She has all of the templates available for free download.  Since we had a ton of felt and some thread, I made a couple of dolls.  I'll be honest, they are not great.  Cinderella was first and I was trying to make her fairly fast to accommodate a 3 year old's attention span.  Think, "momma, are you almost done?" every 2 minutes.  I learned a little from Cinderella, so Belle's head isn't quite as flimsy.

They are very crude, but Mackenzie likes them.  She's already had several puppet shows for us.  A few days later, my grandmother gave me a package of assorted colored thread which I knew would come in handy when I made the other princesses for Mackenzie.  When we received a birthday invitation for one of Mackenzie's friends, I decided I would make her a full set of the finger puppets.  Complete with a little felt castle to carry them all!

Little Mermaid isn't so little! ;)  This time around I sewed with matching colored thread, but the biggest help was using fusible webbing!  It's awesome and really helped keep the sewing down to a minimum!  I actually fused the pink ribbon to the felt to cover the stitches on the castle purse.

Yes, there are some things I would still change.  I need to find a way to attach the heads better - or at least hide the stitches better.  I promised Mackenzie I would make her a new full set with the castle, so maybe I can improve even more with her set.  I have another felt project I'm wanting to work on, so this has been great practice for learning what I can do with the felt and fusible webbing.  Here's to many more projects like this!


  1. How cute! You did a great job!

  2. Love these!! Very, very cute.

    Etsy shop someday??? :)


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