Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Haircuts

I thought I'd recap how 3 of our 4 family members got haircuts on Friday.  As boring as that sounds, I think it's funny what we had to do for all of us to get haircuts.  First, I had to plan Mackenzie's haircut around Meredith's nap and bottle schedule.  When I showed Mackenzie pictures of a place I was thinking about taking her, she practically cried, insisting we go back to the place she went last year.  Yes, you read it right, before today, Mackenzie has had her hair cut 3 times in her life and 2 of them were at the same exact place, so apparently we can't change that.  She said we had to go to the original place because they had airplanes for her to sit in and the new place only had cars.  I didn't fight her and took her to the original place.  Turns out, they only have cars, so we could have gone to the other place, as far as the chair was concerned.  However, we had the same stylist that we've had the last 2 times and she is awesome.  She cut Mackenzie's hair so quickly and it looks great.

Now for me and Brandon.  Brandon drove from work to the salon and called me when he was taking a seat with the stylist.  Luckily, Meredith had just woken up from her nap and had her bottle, so I packed up the girls and drove to the salon.  We got there just as Brandon was finishing up.  The intention was for us to switch vehicles and for him to take the girls home while I got my haircut, but Mackenzie had other plans.  For whatever reason, she didn't want to go home but instead stay at the salon with me.  We were a little unsure if she would stay near me through the haircut and since I was just getting a basic haircut, he decided to stay with the girls.  Mackenzie did come stand with me for a minute while they washed my hair, but then another stylist offered her candy and she left instantly to get her treat.  I didn't see her again until the stylist was blow drying my hair and she walked over very curious about my "funny" hair cut.  It's "funny" to her because it's chin length and the stylist made it flip out rather than under.  Since it was such a simple haircut for me (just cutting 4" off), we weren't there that long, so it worked out very well.

It's funny how even the littlest of tasks become such accomplishments once you have children!

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