Monday, May 21, 2012

Dance Recital

Mackenzie had her ballet recital on Saturday.   The recital was only for 3 & 4 year olds and each class had their own performance.    The show started at 9:30, but we had to be there at 8:30.  Mackenzie's hair was fixed before we got there, so all we had to do was put on her costume and lace it up (think corset).  She was ready by 8:40.  Let the waiting begin!  Waiting 50 minutes is long enough for a 3 year old (or anyone), but she had to wait almost 2 full hours before getting on stage!  I guess due to luck of the draw, we were 13th out of 13 ballet classes, so it was almost 10:30 before they got on stage.

We passed the time by taking pictures with our friends...
walking down the high school hallway and looking at their trophies, awards, cheer leading costumes.  We also took a peek inside the auditorium to see the stage.  After that, the show was about to start and we had to go sit in the dressing room and wait and wait and wait.

Up until she actually got on stage, I was just sure she was going to have a melt down on stage.  She had been whining for the full 2 hours saying she wanted to go on stage, but when we finally got backstage and only one group was ahead of us, I actually had to cover her mouth because she started crying.  I hugged her and kissed her and said she could hold on to me for just a little bit.  And then, the other girls were coming off stage and it was time for her.  I kindly pushed her in line with the other girls and she surprised me by going with her group and not even looking back!  Once her teacher was lining them up, she was fine and all set to go.  AND she did great!  NO tears and she actually danced!  So much better than last years dance recital!

Without further ado, here she is!

So cute!  Two things I think are funny...1) at one point she looks really far to the side and smiles big which means she saw me looking at her backstage.  2) When she puts her arms together in a circle in front of her, she waits just a little bit and realizes that her thumbs aren't "tucked in".  They both go down at the same exact time.  I think that's funny, because every time I pretend to dance like her, she corrects my thumbs!

After the show, the girls had to wait again...
 for the trophy presentation.  When they got their trophies, their dads also presented them with flowers. 

And finally we went to lunch!

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  1. That is so cute! She did really well, especially the curtsy.

    Where was Meredith? I don't imagine she could have handled that long of a wait.


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