Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Morning

Meredith goes to bed around  7:15-7:30pm every night and sleeps until 7:00am the next morning.  She typically wakes up around 4am or 5am, but it only requires me giving her her pasi and lovey and she goes right back to sleep.  I don't turn on the light, I don't talk and really, I don't even smile.  The least amount of contact this early in the morning the better, unless I want to be up for good at that hour.  So, as usual I heard her stir at 4:10 this morning and went to her room to locate her lovey and pasi.  After that 30 seconds, I went back to bed and contemplated whether or not I should turn off my 6:00am alarm to work out.  I dozed off before deciding only to wake up to Brandon telling me that Mackenzie was calling for me.  I looked at the clock and it was 4:30am, which would explain why Brandon had to wake me up and I didn't hear Mackenzie myself - it had only been 20 minutes. 

Mackenzie rarely wakes up in the night and once I heard her actually crying I knew exactly what was wrong - she had wet the bed.  It's only been a week since she stopped wearing a pull-up at night to sleep.  It had been months since a pull-up had been wet, so I decided it was time to move on.  Unfortunately, last night, she didn't wake up in time.  I stripped her bed & changed her clothes and she came to our bed to sleep the remainder of the morning.  The problem - we were kind of awake, now.  Brandon started playing on the iPad and Mackenzie and I just laid there, but we weren't sleeping.  Around 5, Meredith started to stir and never really settled down.  So, at 5:20, all 4 of us were in our bed.  Fun times!

Breakfast was at 5:45, Meredith went back to sleep at 6:20, Brandon left for work at 6:30, Mackenzie went back to sleep at 7:00 and I'm awake and keeping busy! ;)  The third load of laundry (sheets then, comforter, then clothes) is in the washer, I've ironed 28 items of clothing (I am all caught up) and have folded the clothes from this past weekend's laundry.  It's 8:45 as I type this and the girls are still sleeping.  When they wake up we'll be heading to the grocery store.  It's been a busy morning and the day is still young with so much still to do!

By the way, I didn't work out yet, but since I've already showered, I'm thinking I'll try to work out later this afternoon.  Or I might need a nap by then.

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