Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brandon's Birthday

Brandon's birthday was yesterday, so Mackenzie and I made him some banana bread at his request. 

This is on our kitchen table even though it looks like it's on the floor.

I've never made banana bread, but the recipe I googled was really easy and it took no time at all.  I haven't tried it yet, but he and Mackenzie say it's good.  I'll just trust their judgement.  I like bananas, but for whatever reason, I'm just not keen on trying banana bread.  Instead I used my "try new food" moment of the week for the sauteed zucchini that I cooked last night.  It was ok.  I ate it.  I prefer sauteed broccoli, so I think I'll just stick with that.  But, it was Brandon's birthday, so I at least tried to cook one thing out our vegetable norm.

Anyways, Mackenzie also wanted to draw him a picture as his Birthday card.  She told me that she wanted to draw a picture of herself.  Before drawing she told me she was going to draw an oval for her face "because that's what we have - ovals, not circles."  I was impressed...I don't know if someone told her that or if she just figured it out on her own.  The funny part was that when she drew her oval it was horizontal, not vertical like I assumed it was going to be.  It kind of reminds me of her big headed lalaloopsy dolls, so maybe that's where it came from.  She drew a circle for her eye and then "another one for the other part of our eye."  That would be the pupil.  I gave her a brief description of what pupils do.  I had her look at my pupils there at her table and then I looked out the window into the daylight until I could tell my pupils were smaller and quickly ran over to her for her too look at how they were smaller.  I think she could see them change in size too.  The second eye she drew is a little bigger, but she says she did that on purpose...ok.

She drew her body and was about to draw her legs, but then realized she hadn't drawn any grass...oh no!  Once she was finished, I tried to get her to write her name.  Instead of an "M" she made a "W", which discouraged her a little.  She wrote a couple of letters after that but then said she was finished.  I love that she likes to draw pictures now.  I'm looking forward to many more pictures from her in the future! 

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