Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best bubbles!

On Monday we found a new bubble product at the grocery store.  I couldn't quite tell how it worked, but the tag intrigued me, so we bought them.

These are the best bubbles ever.  The bubbles are not any bigger than normal, nor are there a bunch with every blow.  So why are they the best?  Because of this:

You don't have to touch the sticky, wet wand!  All you have to do is squeeze the container and the wand pops up!  It's the best!  We have a ton of bubbles, but I/we rarely use them because I hate that your hands get sticky or that the bubble mix drips of the wand on to the ground.  But with these handy, dandy squeeze bubbles, I don't mind blowing bubbles for Mackenzie.  And that's good, since she has had a blast the last couple of nights popping bubbles.  I think I'm just going to keep filling up this one container for years and years, but I might need to buy another one just in case this one breaks.

I don't have any pictures of us outside, but the other night after Meredith went to sleep, Mackenzie ran around the yard (barefoot and in her pajamas) popping bubbles.  She kept running around saying, "thank you for the exercise, bubbles". ;)  So much for the bath, since she came in sweaty, but she had lots of fun, so that's more important!  We also went out as a family another night and Meredith had fun sitting in the chair with me and even tried to catch a few bubbles herself.  We are trying to enjoy the nice evening weather before it disappears in a couple of weeks and luckily the mosquitoes haven't been too bad, yet.  Here's to a little more beautiful weather for playing outside without requiring a swimming pool or sprinkler!  

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