Sunday, April 15, 2012

RRSP: Letter A, number 12, sight word "away"

This week we reviewed the letter A, the number 12 and sight word "away".  Our memory verse was 'A soft answer turns away wrath.' Proverbs 15:1.  Again, I had a lot more planned to do this week, but I may or may not have spent most of Thursday reading Hunger games and therefore we only had school on Monday and Friday. ;)  Either way, I did remember to take more photos this week, so even if we didn't do as much as we planned, we have it all documented!

Mackenzie didn't really feel like coloring this week and I didn't push her.  The picture makes me laugh because she colored the child's face green which makes me think the child is sick.  Whatever floats your boat, right?
She used her new Easter pencils to practice drawing the lines for an uppercase A.  I think it might be the first time she's used a pencil, since we normally use a marker or crayon.  We had to pull out the pencil sharpener and everything.  It was a mini lesson on pencils and how they can write in different shades of grey.  I think it was pretty interesting for her and we drew and colored all over that sheet to show what a pencil could do.
Coloring apples...
For our collage we put animal alphabet stickers on our A's.
We transferred pom poms to different ice trays, but I need smaller tongs that she can use one handed.  We found these at the dollar store, so it's not like a spent a fortune on them...and clearly we still used them.  She really liked this activity and it reminded me that I need to do more of this hands-on/motor skills type stuff.
Tracing A's with our pencil...

Confessions of a Homeschooler also has some great letter of the week stuff, so she did a pre-writing sheet with apples on every page.
We cut our vocabulary cards.  It's always interesting to see if she knows the 9 vocabulary words that start with the letter of the week.  This week we had 3 new words: astronaut, armadillo, ambulance.  I know she's seen a pretend ambulance at the children's museum and I think we've talked about an astronaut.  The armadillo was completely new, but by coincidence, the Cat in the Hat cartoon happened to have an episode about armadillos this past week, so she did get to learn a little more about them.  Maybe next year when we do the "A" unit again, we'll make a trip to Space Center.
To go along with our memory verse, we sorted nice (soft, gentle, kind, loving) and not nice (loud, rude, mean, harsh) words...
Even though our number of the week was 12, we did a matching game for the numbers 1-10.  I separated the numbers and the shapes and let her match them.  All on her own she decided to start with one and continue to 10.  I think she's starting to recognize the concept of quantity relating to the number.  On several, especially the lower numbers, she went straight for the matching shape card and then counted the shapes to confirm it was right.  She really liked doing this.
Since the uppercase and lowercase letters are different, we did a letter sort.  She even did really well considering some of the lowercase a's were different.
One of her new favorite things is playing with these blocks.  We first created the A and then we stacked and knocked over several things we built.
I'm trying to incorporate more of the hands on stuff, but sometimes I forget to add them during the week.  After looking back at this week, it's clear that I need to not forget!  She'll get the writing thing down and will have years of doing worksheets.  I need to focus a little more on the games and exploring new concepts.

Next week we review letter K and we'll be 1/2 way through the alphabet!

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