Sunday, April 22, 2012

RRSP: Letter K

Our RRSP unit reviewed the letter K, number 13, and sight word "your".  Our memory verse was, "Keep your tongue from evil." Psalm 34:13.  I remembered my post last week and tried to do more hands on activities this week with Mackenzie and for the first time in several weeks, we actually did school 3 times!  It made for a great school week and we both loved it. (I also took pictures of 90% of what we did, so beware...)

Last weekend we put up the camping tent in the playroom, so for two of the school days we had school in the entry way, where our table and chairs were temporarily placed.  I think the change of scenery helped make it more fun.  

She colored her color, quite scribbley (is that a word?), but she didn't complain, so I'll take it. ;)
Practicing for the letter K on one day and actually tracing the K on another day.
She really likes cutting and taping our verses.  She insists on laying down to measure it next to her every week!
 This was her craft for our memory verse.  She had me color the tongue and she colored and glued the eyes and nose.

"K" activities:

She loves using the magnets.  One of these days I'll buy magnets that actually match the size of the circles on her page, but until then, she's content with all of the different sizes.  Who knew stuff from grad school 8 years ago would still be useful?!
 I was struggling with the letter K collage, so I googled, "k collage items".  On one of the links was a list of different K crafts.  The minute I saw kool-aid, I knew it could work.  Looking back, we probably could have painted with kool-aid, but I chose to use it like glitter.  We traced the letters with glue and then poured the kool-aid on the glue.  Mackenzie wasn't thrilled with the powder that floated in the air into her nose/mouth.
 But she did like how it looked when it was finished.  The uppercase K had kool-aid sitting on it for quite a bit longer than the lowercase K, so I guess that's why its filled out more.
Afterwards, we made kool-aid.  Mackenzie wouldn't drink it.  She did, however, eat a kool-aid popsicle we made.  Apparently those aren't the same even though I poured the glass and the popsicles out of the same pitcher.
I found these blue glass stones in our closet and we used them to count and make the letter K.  She enjoyed sorting them into the cups and making rows and other shapes.  She even pulled them out again later in the week just play with.  I think she used them as pretend food.
Using sheets from Confessions of a homeschooler, we worked a color puzzle about kites and rolled a die/used a key to create a kite.

Lacing the kitten took time and she wanted to stop, but I made her complete the task.  I kept praising her for doing so well and convinced her she had to continue doing it to see how the string would get shorter and shorter.  That seemed to work.

Our extra unit that I incorporated this week was about spring and rain.  This was perfect since it rained on 2 of our school days!

Spring/Rain activities:
She loves these roll and graph activities from 2 teaching mommies.  This graph had a cloud, rain cloud, rain, lightning, tornado and rainbow.  The other graph we did on Friday was about spring time.
This was size sort from Our little Monkeys.  In this picture she had already sorted smallest to biggest and I asked her to sort biggest to smallest.  The first thing she did was switch the two end pieces, so this is her now switching to of the other pieces.  She's getting much better about just seeing the sizes as opposed to checking them beside each other every time before putting them in order.
We tried rhyming words again this week.  It's a little over her head, but we are going through it anyway.
A size sort of lightning.  She sorted all of the biggest ones first, then the small and saved the mediums for last. (2 teaching mommies)

The best thing about Friday was the rain/hail storm we had.  I know what you are thinking..."huh?"  When you are doing a unit on rain, it's perfect when a big storm blows through.  We took a few minutes to watch it and then I quickly picked up some of the hail so she could take a closer look.
She touched it and of course said it was cold, to which I explained that it was ice.  After we finished our lesson, she reached into the cup again to feel the ice and was surprised when nothing was in it but water! ;)  Another lesson - ice melts.
 Spring time puzzles...
And our last activity was a cotton ball experiment (2 teaching mommies).  We observed a dry cotton ball and then put the cotton ball in a cup of water and then observed it again.  It was a great lesson on clouds filling up with moisture and then letting it go as rain.
So, a busy, busy week, but it was a very, very good week!

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