Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Opening

The last project I worked on before having Meredith is having their grand opening this weekend.  The Asia Society Texas Center will have their annual Gala tonight, but the public festivities will be held this Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately, we have a wedding to attend on Saturday and Sunday is just to difficult to do anything between church services, so I am unable to attend.  Not that I didn't see it plenty while I was working on the project, but to see it full of people would be awesome!

It's a beautiful building designed by Yoshio Taniguchi (Architect of Record is Kendall/Heaton Assoc.) located in the Museum District.  It has a meeting room space, a gallery for art and other exhibits, an auditorium, a sculpture garden and a reflecting pool complete with bubbling fountains and mist. 

Below are my site photos I took the week before I left work.  While they are by no means professional, they show how gorgeous the building is.  And yet, it looks so, so much better in person!  It was 98% complete at the time, which is why it is so empty, but I hear they have a wonderful art/sculpture exhibit in place now.  If you have the time, go check it out!  I plan on taking the girls for a visit sometime this summer.

Also, if you are interested in reading more about the actual building, check out the following articles: 

Texas Architect (page 18/19 in the viewer)  If you zoom into the design team list on the opening page, you just might find a name you recognize! ;)
Architectural Record

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