Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Festivities

Other than Brandon being sick all weekend, we had a nice week and weekend filled with Easter activities.  We only did a few activities during the week like making an egg out of marshmallows (of course we had to eat some as well)...
Make bunnies out of toilet paper rolls...
That was Mackenzie's pick when I told her she could pick something to do from pinterest.

We also made light catchers out of tissue paper and contact paper.

Saturday our neighborhood had an Easter Party/Celebration at the community center.  Since Mackenzie is a little cautious in big crowds and she was one of the younger kids in the "kindergarten and under" group, she only collected 2 Easter eggs. 

Thankfully, she was thrilled about those 2 eggs and the 4 pieces of candy they brought!  She was more excited about her balloon flower.  The balloons are always a hit at these functions...even when part of it breaks before we even leave the party.

Later that afternoon we died eggs...

observed jelly beans...

graphed jelly beans...

and did misc Easter activity sheets that I hadn't pulled out earlier in the week.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter bunny brought both girls little baskets filled with goodies and a chocolate bunny for me and Brandon.  Yippee! ;)

Mackenzie learned that an egg hunt in your own house is much better than the neighborhood hunt.

We then got dressed and drove an hour to go to church and have lunch with my family.  Before we left I tried to take pictures of the girls, knowing I wouldn't get a good picture of them after church, but sadly, this is the best one I have.  Thankfully, there will be more opportunities in these dresses.
Church was great, lunch with my family was wonderful, and Mackenzie really enjoyed hunting for eggs again.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter...this little bunny sure did!

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