Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another book!

A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded my 2010 Blog book to the printer and received it in the mail last week.  This one is huge and has 270 pages! 
This is my third blog book and I try to make one better than the last.  This time I made sure to enlarge more of the really good pictures so that it's not all about the writing, especially since my blog isn't all about the writing. ;)  I also added a line to the posts with videos that said to see the CD.  I still have to make the CD, but I plan to add it to the back of the book so that someone can actually see the videos when they want.  I've already "slurped" ( terminology) the posts from 2011 and will start working on that soon.  So, I'm slowly catching up with myself but at the rate this year is already flying by, 2012 will soon be over and I won't have finished 2011.  This time I think I'm going to add a snapshot of what my blog actually looked like on the internet and maybe even web addresses for the blogs I have book marked.  I'm sure I'll find something else I can do to make it better as well, but for now I'm sticking to the same layout as the other books.  2011 was another big year of posts like 2010, so it will be a big book as well.  Blurb says it can publish up to I think 400 sheets in one book, so I'm still ok for now unless I blow up every picture on it's own page!

The other book I just started working on again, is my pregnancy book with Meredith, like the one I made for Mackenzie.  I figure when they are older they may or may not want these and I'd hate for Mackenzie to be the only one with a book.  So, I copied Mackenzie's book and am slowly changing the stuff for Meredith.  It took my 3 years to finish Mackenzie's book, so I figure I have still 2 1/2 more years! ;) 

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