Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Randomness

Happy Tuesday!  I have some fairly funny stories to share!  Well, they are funny to me, anyway.  Aren't you just dying to find out what they are?! ;)

1.  Last week, in an effort to get Mackenzie to play outside more, I told her to go to the backyard and I would be there in a minute after I got Meredith and her food.  Mackenzie happily played with the door partially closed.  A couple of minutes later, she screams/shrieks and runs inside crying and pointing to the backyard.  I kept asking her what happened and couldn't understand what she was saying other than her pointing to outside.  Finally, being fed up with my lack of understanding, she yelled through her tears, "CAT!!!!!".  I looked outside and sure enough there was a cat walking in our backyard toward her car that she was playing in.  I did what any good parent would do and...laughed.  I'm sorry, but it was too funny.  I shooed the cat back over the fence to our neighbors yard (probably his home) and convinced Mackenzie to come outside again.  I did talk with her and tried to tell her not to scream and cry like that unless she was hurt and/or bleeding, not because she saw a cat.  I'm thinking we might need to take her around more animals so she can get used to them.  I'm not saying she has to pick up any of the animals (I don't do that), but she should be able to be in the same area with one and not need to scream and run away.

 2.  The day before the above story, the girls and I went to the playground.  We had been there for about an hour and Mackenzie wanted her and I to play hide and seek.  Other girls we didn't know were playing the same game around the playground, but she didn't want to play with them.  Anyways, she was walking away to go count and fell off the wood block that holds all of the playground mulch/wood chips in.  Before I could do anything, I watched her face plant into the grass.  Don't worry, she wasn't hurt.  She cried a little, but only because her face, hand and leg were wet from the rain/dew.  This girl does not like to be dirty.  I wonder where she gets it from?  It couldn't be me...

3.  Mackenzie calls her baby dolls "dears".  I think it's from one of her movies where they say, "my dear,..."  Anyways, her "dears" and her have a whole pretend life complete with her as the mom and a pretend dad.  For the last couple of weeks, the dad was a balloon that I received for my birthday.  Brandon finally threw it away last Friday because it was getting low on air.  When Mackenzie asked me on Saturday where her "dears' daddy" was, it felt strange saying, "remember, daddy threw him away yesterday."

I thought I had more stories, but that's all I can remember, so I guess not.  Oh well, just give me another 24 hours and there will be more!  Never a dull moment in our house!

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