Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strawberry picking

I took the girls to pick strawberries last week.  Well, I took Mackenzie anyway.  Meredith hung out with my grandparents at the picnic tables just outside the farm.  I had intended to do this the week we studied fruits and vegetables, but the weather didn't cooperate.

Granny and Papa brought Mackenzie some rubber boots just in case it was muddy from the rain we had again 2 days before we went to the farm.  She decided to put them on about half way through the picking, but didn't really need them.  We only ventured into one row that had mud about halfway down.  Of course, I forgot about the mud and being the crazy photo mom, I stepped back in the mud while trying to take a picture.  Oops.  Luckily, I had switched out my flip flops in the parking lot and was actually wearing closed toed shoes.

 In the picnic area, they had silly things for kids to do.

Won't ride a horse or pony, but a giant, fake armadillo - no problem!
Washing our strawberries...
 So, pretty...

We didn't get that many strawberries, but I was afraid if we filled up our basket, they would go bad before we ate them all.  If we lived closer to that farm, I guarantee we would go more often.  No parking fees and once you buy the $1 bucket, you only pay by the pound whenever you go back.  Plus all of the awesome fresh veggies in the store, make you want to bypass the grocery store produce section.  We might try to go again next month when we visit my grandparents again, but if we don't, we'll definitely go back next season!

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