Monday, March 12, 2012

shopping for bathing suits

We went summer clothes shopping for Mackenzie this weekend.  While we were there, we decided to shop for bathing suits as well.  At first, we only found a few and this is the one we decided to try on:
But, as we were headed to the dressing room, we found another rack with swimsuits.  We each chose a suit for her to try on.

This was my choice:

I wanted her to have a 2 piece so that bathroom breaks would be easier this summer without having to pull a wet one piece back onto her body.  She liked it and it fit well, but was eager to try on her pick.

Mackenzie's choice:

I wasn't too fond of the pineapples and unfortunately it didn't fit her.  She doesn't need to know that they make other sizes that might fit her.  If it's too big, we just can't get it. ;)

Brandon's choice:

I thought this might be an issue with her since she doesn't like to show her belly even around me and Brandon, but we decided to try it anyway.  She did not disappoint in making me laugh!  I put the top on first and she immediately tried to pull it down "all the way".  I told her it that was as far as it went and then I put the bottoms on her.  She then tried to pull the bottoms up to cover her belly and make the two pieces meet!  Hilarious.  She wouldn't even go out of the dressing room to show Brandon!  Crazy girl! ;)

So, we bought my pick - yay!  Now we are ready for summer!  Well, she is anyway...I'll have to work on convincing myself to wear my swimsuit! ;)

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