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RRSP: Letter Y and St. Patrick's Day

*Update - I updated the bottom half of this post since I just realized I completely forgot to align the pictures and talk about what we did. oops!* 

Last week we studied the letter Y, the number 9, the color yellow and site word "you". Our memory verse was John 15:14 - "You are my friends if you do whatever I command you." We did school Monday through Wednesday this last week since we didn't have dance or Ladies Bible class during Spring break.

Coloring is becoming a little more popular.  Still not her favorite, but she does it anyway.
She likes the color by numbers still.  We pick all of the colors first and lay them in order.  She was working on number 3 and asked if I would help.  When I offered to color the Y in the picture (number 5) she told me no because we hadn't gotten to that color yet.  Remember when I wondered if she liked the color by numbers because they were more ordered and structured.  I'm pretty sure I'm right about her really liking order.  We might need to work on loosening up a bit! ;)
We did our letter Y sort this week.  I've decided we'll only do these when the uppercase and lowercase letters are distinctly different.  We didn't do one for the letter V and we won't do them for letters Z, W, U, C, S or O.  The only way she can tell on the print outs she sorting is if the letter is slightly smaller than the others, so we just won't do them.
We did a sound sorting game again.  I think on this one we had a picture of a "harp".  When I explained what a harp was and asked if she had seen one before, she said, "yes, on that favorite show you and daddy like to watch."  That would be The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon's girlfriend plays the harp.  She remembers everything!
A size sort with yarn balls.  It's too bad I don't have any yarn in the house, otherwise it could have been fun to make our own yarn.  Maybe I'll remember that next year or when I do this with Meredith.
Our Y collage started out with the lower case y using "yellow" tissue paper at the ends of a pencil to make it stick up.  This was a little too hard for her, so we decided to use crumpled tissue paper instead.
We made Y's with our small wooden cubes we bought at the dollar store a couple of months ago.
 She really liked playing with these and decided to make several of our past letters.
During lunch one day we looked at a shape presentation from 1+1+1=1.  I was explaining to her what a triangle (musical instrument) was and her response was, "yeah, like when it's time for dinner."  Why yes, you are right.  She went on to explain how they have a triangle on one of the Cat in the Hat episodes she watches in the morning.

When I asked her what a dollar bill was, she said "money, you know for church".  That's probably the only time she actually sees money, since we use a credit card almost all other times.  At least she recognizes that we give to church.  I did explain that we use money to buy everything, but that it's just different kinds of money, not just dollar bills.
We also did several St. Patrick's Day activities as our extra theme unit.

Again, these hundreds pictures are above her skill level, but I help her by pointing to the number she should color.  It also helps her to see what numbers in the 40's, 50's, 60's...look like.
She loves stickers, so why not put stickers on our pot of gold!
We did a couple of number puzzles.  This was the first time she did a puzzle with numbers 11-20.  With a little help, she did awesome.  This is her happy dance sitting in a chair! ;)

The picture only shows us sorting the pattern cars (and a messy bed head), but we did do some patterning.  She is really getting the hang of it.  I have always said the items as I've made the pattern, so this week I might have to just make a pattern without saying the objects and see if she can do it visually with out the auditory learning.  It might not make any difference, but it's worth finding out.
This was a "roll and graph" game I found online.  As you can see from the picture, we had to roll the dice A LOT!  Half way through she got tired of marking the X's, so I marked them while she rolled the dice.  This one took forever and we were both glad we were finished at the end.  After we graphed everything, we practiced reading the graph and her telling me how many times we rolled what picture by using the graph rather than counting each x.
Counting and pinching skills!  I pulled out some little clips I found at the dollar store rather than use the same clothespins we always use.  I think she liked the variety.  About half way through, I usually have her switch hands so that she's not always pinching with her dominant hand.

On St. Patrick's day itself, we did a few different tracing sheets, a maze and a "what's different" sheet with a St. Patrick's Day theme.  We also did a Lucky Charms graphing exercise.  We did this for valentine's day with Sweet Hearts, but this time we actually glued the marshmallows down.

Her favorite part - eating the left overs! ;)

This week we are studying the letter N.  And since "N is for nest", we'll be looking at birds too!

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  1. This stuff is AWESOME!!! M is such a blessed little girl to be able to do all of this at home with her momma! Keep it up friend! :)


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