Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RRSP: Letter N and Birds Theme unit

This week's letter was "N".  And since nest starts with N, I added a bird/nest unit to our week.  We only did 2 days of school, since we went to the strawberry patch on one of our school days.  We didn't even come close to doing all of the things I had planned, but since we had a field trip and went outside for some fresh air, instead, that's ok. ;)

This week's verse was, "No one can serve two masters" Matthew 6:24.  We spent a little time discussing why the girls praying had a check mark above her, while the boy holding all of the money had an "X" above him.  The concept of "master" is a little too big for her, but she understood the basic principle of following God's commands and loving him.  This is her coloring her verse...she got a little tired at the end, so we have big scribbles on this one.
Tracing...we are trying to work on proper holding of the marker.  I usually have to tell her to hold the marker further down so that she has more control.  She also tends to turn her wrist to move the marker rather than moving her arm.  So, every once in a while, I remind her of that, too.
She specifically asked me to take a picture of her next to her verse to show how short it is.
For our "N" collage we glued "nuts and noodles".  This could have easily been a P collage with pecans and pasta, but we chose "nuts and noodles"! ;)
Our N sorting on our color of the week:
She likes the letter N search and find sheets...
Since our number of the week was 10, I found this cute worksheet where you have to draw the correct number of candles on the cupcakes.  She really enjoyed doing that.  It also helped teach a little about spacing to fit all 8, 9, or 10 candles on a small cupcake.
Other than nursery rhymes or Dr. Seuss books, we haven't really talked much about rhyming words.  So, when I found a rhyming matching activity, I decided to try it out.  Some were a little hard and some were easy for her to figure out.  I had her tell me what each of the pictures were and if she didn't know, we talked about them a little bit.  Then, we picked one card at a time to find it's rhyming match.  This is her when we had matched them all - so happy!
Our bird unit from Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1 were fantastic.  We did a few more activities than pictured below and still managed to leave out a lot!  That just leaves more to do next year! ;)

Size sorting birds/nests.  In the past, we've only sorted sizes by going smallest to largest/largest to smallest, so the concept of sorting small, medium, large was fairly new.  She did great, though.  I taught her how to find one each of the smallest, then the largest and then the remaining size would be medium.  Once those were determined, she matched the remaining pieces. 
Sorting birds and birdhouses.  She talked to me about random stuff the entire time she did this (cutting the pieces, sorting them and gluing them down).  It took forever since she was "multi-tasking" but that's ok - I'm glad she likes to talk to me about anything.
Matching birdhouses.  We've done matching silhouettes before, but this one took a little bit more of an effort than she thought.  Some of the bird houses look very similar, so she had to really look a the pictures and details.  I need to find more of these types that make her take a little more time and attention.
She loves when I let her do dry/erase activities.  I put all of the remaining bird activity sheets in page protectors in a binder and let her pick and choose what she wanted to do.  She traced letters...
traced different lines...
and many more things not pictured.

I asked her at the beginning of the week what she wanted to play with at some point and she said play dough.  Using laminated numbered sheets, she created a few numbers with her play dough and was glad she got to play with it. 

This week, the letter Z...and another exciting field trip.  Can you guess where?

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