Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Happenings

Today in all of it's rainy-ness is a list day for me.  Since we will be staying inside all day, that's usually what happens - I create a large list of things to do, so that I'm not just sitting here all day.  We'll start school here pretty soon, but after school I have a lot I should do in the house.  Since it is a "list day", I think I'll blog using a list of our recent happenings.

1.  I decided last weekend that our schedule needed revision.  3 times this week, including this morning, I woke up early and walked on the treadmill.  I've only done 2 miles each time, but at least it's something! ;)  Waking up to walk at 6:00 is a lot easier than waking up at 4:30 to walk before like I would have to do if I worked.  I never did that when I worked - it was just too early.  But after years and years of waking up at 5:15, waking up at 6 is still sleeping in! ;)

2.  In my new "schedule", I have also focused on cleaning up the kitchen before I went to bed.  For some this is a normal routine, but for us we weren't consistent and more times than not, I wound up doing the dishes the next morning.  Ugh, who wants to wake up to dirty dishes?  Something had to change! 5 days.  For 5 days I have gone to bed with the kitchen cleaned - yipee!

3.  Naps for Mackenzie were eliminated last week (on purpose), but then quickly reinstated (on purpose).  I was trying to help her fall asleep more quickly by eliminating the nap so she would be sleepier at bedtime.  It worked for about 5 days and then it started to backfire!  As Brandon said, "I like personality (from Mackenzie) in the evening, but not a crying mess."  At first I couldn't tell if the crying/drama was from no naps or from her just being a 3 year old, but we are pretty sure it's the no naps.  Tuesday, she started napping again, but I have to wake her up after 1 1/2 hours so that she'll still go to sleep fairly quickly at night.

4.  Meredith can move around pretty well.  She's not crawling or army crawling, but she can rotate, move backward and generally move around the room.  Now we really have to focus on keeping the little toys off of the floor.

5.  I baked the cake yesterday for us to make cake balls today.  I'm pretty excited to make them.  I don't think the cake balls will be difficult and if they go well, then maybe some of them will turn into cake pops.

6.  Yesterday, I actually worked on finishing up the birthday cards I was making.  I have 18 completed and 18 to go.  The assembly is all that is left, so it goes fairly quickly, it's just finding the time.  Although, with the naptime reinstated, I've found that quiet time again!

7.  I signed Mackenzie up for dance this summer.  She likes it so much, that I didn't want to stop her for the summer.  A couple of weeks ago, they had the moms come into the room to watch the girls perform half of their recital dance.  It was really cute and I can't wait until May to see them all dressed up, doing their dance. ;)

Well, that's all for now! Time for school, followed by cleaning the house!  Yay for rainy days? ;)

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