Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just when I seemed to have gotten my focus in order...I had a birthday.  I received several wonderful gifts that are sure to blur my focus...and that's ok...for now. ;)  I received several kitchen gadgets that make me want to bake right now!  My mom gave me a ton of Stampin' Up stuff that I can't wait to use on cards, scrapbooking, or whatever I want to make.  My grandmother bought me a Project Life kit, which is awesome!  Holly's been raving about it for weeks and now I know why.  I have already done 6 preliminary layouts (in 2 hours)!  I haven't done the journaling part, but I did the layouts so fast that I'm super excited about doing more.  I had actually ordered a kit myself a week before my birthday, so now I have 2 and I also have different style layout sheets coming next week!

Normally that would be enough to make me lose all focus, but do you know what I have found that looks so fun?!  Making Cake Pops.  I bought Bakerella's book and have already read 1/4 of the book and she makes it sound so easy.  Mackenzie sat in my lap the other day while we looked at all of her cake pops on her blog.  Then, when the book came she looked at every page.  She wants us to make the chicks and sheep.  I told her we would have to start with plain cake pops first and then move to decorative ones.  We bought a cake mix and icing yesterday and maybe we'll test our (my) skills this weekend!

So, again, I've lost focus, but since I got the stuff for my birthday, I feel like it's ok! ;)  I think since both of these items are hobby oriented, I'll have to set aside a time that I can work on them and then clean up after myself so that the dining room and kitchen are not in a constant state of disorder.  If I can do that, then maybe my focus on other projects won't be so blurry!   

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  1. I saw a cute idea on a blog the other day to have a girls night with the theme of cake pop decorating. Let the guests do the decorating. Sounded fun to me...if I baked.... :)


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