Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cake Pops

Mackenzie and I made cake pops last week.  Well, we tried, anyway.  I think my cake was a little too moist and once the icing was added, it was way too moist to stay on the stick.  I also, think the chocolate bark was too heavy for cake pops and maybe the balls were too big.  I know it sounds like I'm saying everything was wrong, but I think/hope my theory is right.  They kept trying to come off the stick, so after about 6 or 8 pops, I made just plain cake balls for the remaining cake. 

Mackenzie helped lick the bowl after we mixed the cake and icing.  I think she liked it! ;)

She also helped roll 2 balls.  She then decided to lick her hands clean.  After she was done she asked if she could roll more balls.  I, of course, said no.  I probably should have said all of the cooking rules prior to her licking her hands, but lesson learned, I guess.

Although they didn't turn out quite they way I had planned, they were still delicious!  Next time I will use the candy melts and a different cake mix and hopefully, they'll be even better.  I think I also need to make the cake pops for a special occasion and not just because I want to. Other than the friends we had over the day after we made them, no one else ate them except us.  Read mainly me.  I think I seriously ate half of the 38 cake balls/pops in the week that they were in our house! :/  It's a good thing I'm still walking on the treadmill every other day!

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