Sunday, March 11, 2012

Action shots

Unlike this weekend, last weekend was beautiful.  The girls and I played outside in the backyard and I, of course, took my camera.  I took some really great action shots of the girls jumping (Mackenzie) and falling (Meredith). 

This is Mackenzie doing a jumping jack.
I read somewhere that in order to get a really good jumping shot, you have to get as low as possible.  I laid down on the ground and had my camera set to continuous shots for this next string of pictures.  I love them!

The grass was a perfect place for Meredith to practice sitting up.  When she fell back it didn't hurt her, so I was able to let go of her and let her try to stay up on her own.  I did get some pictures of her falling and I love that she tried to grab the sheet to keep her up.

The last picture isn't an action shot, but it's cute! ;)

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