Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RRSP: Letter I

We took a little longer to complete the unit for letter I.  I took some time to add some fun Valentine's games and we've been a little busy.  Oh well, we're flexible.

I had a hard time thinking of collage items for the letter I, so we just used "ink" and stamped the letters.
We put some penguins in ABC order.  I like doing activities like this with her because we usually have to sing the ABC's several times (almost 26 times) which helps to reinforce the song.  Not that she has trouble with singing the song, but the more times we put the letters in order, then the better she'll get at knowing what letter comes next - right?
This is her practicing writing the letter I.  One of the things we have to work on is her slowing down when she's tracing.  When she writes slowly and concentrates, then she stays on the dashed line.  Otherwise, her line is all over the place.  But then again, she's 3, so we have plenty of time to work on this!
She finally got to use her flag toothpicks!  I had her poke holes in the letter I with the toothpick.  I think she really liked it.
Although the picture doesn't look like it, she really enjoys using the dot painters.
We even played some Valentine's games in the evenings.  While she was playing this counting/matching games, I told her we would do some patterns next and she said, "yay - patterns!  Daddy, we are going to do patterns next!"  She was genuinely happy which, of course, made me super happy!  I'm so glad she likes this stuff as much as I do.
 Finally doing our letter I sort after a week long break.  She informed me that this week we needed to do an "F/not F" sort and not just the "capital/lowercase letter sort.  Thank you, Mackenzie, I will be sure to add that to our lesson plans! :)
By the way, when doing a capital/lowercase sort for the letter I be sure to use fonts that don't look like "L's".  I think this what prompted her to ask about the other sorting activity.  Oops!
Cutting out her memory verse - she counts the grey lines before she cuts to find out how many times she's going to be cutting.  That's totally her own idea - I just give her the paper and the scissors.
She decided to make a high chair with her memory verse this week.  Her verse is Phillipians 4:13 - I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.  I need to get a video of this one because "strengthens" is a fairly difficult word for her (too many letters blended together) and it comes out, "...through Christ who shrinkins me."  So cute!

For this week, I'm already on top of the preparations and we had one very successful morning learning about the letter F.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hmmm, she reminds me of another child I knew who would wake up and do math problems first thing. :) Yes, it was you!

  2. ABC order at 3 yrs old?! Wow! We do that every week in 2nd grade with our spelling words.
    I hope you do get a video of her saying Phil. 4:13. I would love to hear her say "shrinkins." How cute!


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