Sunday, February 19, 2012

RRSP: Letter F

We are on week 6 of "school" and we are still having lots of fun!  This week we learned more about the letter F, the number 5, ovals and site word "for".  Our memory verse this week was John 3:16 and despite it being a long verse, she did so well.

She likes to trace the letters, but I have to remind her to take her time so that she stays on the lines.  She's so funny and is just like me because she talks ALL the time! ;)  As she traces, she talks and tells me stories and just keeps on writing while she looks up at me.  It's really cute and luckily she's only 3 so we have plenty of years to work on handwriting! ;)
These are the vocabulary cards she cuts out and we put in the page protectors for review later.
Shape matching...
Letter sorts...
Alphabet matching...
Coloring...she doesn't really like to color.  I think she colored for maybe a minute after this picture was taken.
See how long the memory verse is?
We used pipe cleaners to turn circles into ovals.
 Apparently, they make good bracelets, too!
We did a new activity this week.  After cleaning out a box in the office, I found some old magnets that we used instead of the do-a-dot markers.  She seemed to really like it.
On Friday, we had a little more time for school and finally did more of our Valentine's day stuff.    Mackenzie doesn't like sweethearts, but I bought them so we could do the activities below.  First we made some "Sweetheart Observations".  Notice that she said they smelled bad and nothing is circled for taste because she was not about to taste them again!
We also graphed our sweethearts.  She sorted one color at a time.  She would pick all of one color out of the tin and put them in her hands and then place them on the paper one at a time. 
We also sorted "people" versus "valentine's gifts".  Notice she sorted all of one item at once, again.
We learned a new word...accordion.
Some valentine's patterning...
After looking at the pictures, I noticed that we did school in our pajamas 2 out of 3 days this week! Let's face it, it was a yucky, rainy week and it just seemed to call out for pajama days! ;)

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