Monday, February 27, 2012

Raising Rock Stars Preschool - Letter E

This week we studied the letter E, the number 7, the heart and the color purple.  Our memory verse was Proverbs 20:11 - Even a child is known by his deeds.

I tried to take some pictures of other things we did this week instead of the same pictures from the previous 5 weeks.  We use the popsicle sticks to go on letter, number and word hunts on our board and throughout the room.

I made her color most of the picture this week.  She doesn't really like coloring, as I've said before, but if I told her she didn't have to do something just because she complained a little, we'd never move forward with learning.

For the E collage, we just put pictures of eggs on the letter.

Our typical letter E sort.  I always use our color of the week for the background.
Dot art is always so fun.  We also poked an E outline with toothpicks and used magnets on another printout.

E is for elephant:

Practicing writing the number 6:

Our memory verse was fairly short, so it was only as long the arm rest on her chair.

One of our crafts involved discussing over, under, in front and behind with the egg and basket.  Rather than gluing the basket and egg down after we had the lesson, I attached string to both the basket and egg and only glued down the sides of the basket.  This way, when we have our reviews of what we've learned so far, we can do this activity again.

Doing the color matching activity made me laugh.  I asked Mackenzie to sort the cards into two piles, rectangles and triangles.  This is how she did it:

Not only did she put the triangles in a row, she rotated them so that their sides matched and the line stayed straight.  Can we say OCD?

This week, we pulled out the bear counters.  We did several sorting and counting exercises.  Whatever I came up with at the time.  She loves these bears and played with them for several more hours just on her own. 

This is what happens at the end of school time on Friday.  She wants no more pictures!

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