Friday, February 10, 2012

Project: Playroom Organization

I decided to join in an organizational challenge over on the OrgJunkie blog.  I chose the girls' playroom because it is one of 2 rooms needing the most organization in our house.  The office is the other one, but until Brandon builds the shelves, there isn't a point to organizing it all.  The challenge is for the entire month, so if you'd like to join in, hop on over to OrgJunkie to see the rules (click on the image below)!

So...the playroom.  Let's start with some before pictures, shall we?

One of the recommendations to start the PROCESS was to fill out a questionnaire with our goals, ideas, possible solutions...

My main goals for the playroom are:
1.       A place where the girls can play, read and watch TV, but that is also nicely decorated since it is visible from most of the house. 
2.       A safe place for Meredith to crawl around in and not choke on small toys.
3.       A place for Mackenzie and I to do school.
I sorted through all of the cabinets below and threw some toys away, made a donation pile for others, and moved some to Mackenzie's or Meredith's rooms.  The toys that stayed were then further sorted into the appropriate category: dress up, food, misc, little people, puzzles...

I also cleaned out some of the upper shelves to allow more room for decoration rather than having ever shelf filled to the brim.

To work on the "nicely decorated" goal, I went to Target and bought all sorts of baskets of different sizes.  I originally wanted to do a color scheme of red and green, but they didn't have any green baskets in stock, so we went with red and turquoise.   Here is the current set up for the built in cabinets:

I like how it looks, but I still feel like I need to do something with the books and upper shelves.  The books that are on the higher shelves are the books that I recently put in a rotation.  Since it includes board books, picture book and pop up books of all different sizes, I was thinking about buying some matching turquoise/red boxes with lids to put the books in to create a more uniform look.  I could also do the same thing with some of the toys so that they are also on a rotation.  The boxes would then sit on top of the built-ins, thus freeing a few of the shelves below.  I'm torn with what to do because on the one hand I LOVE that we have so many books and I love seeing them on the shelves, but on the other hand, I would love to free up some of the shelves for picture frames or other decoration.
What would you do?

For the remainder of the month I'll be working on the above question, finding a decorative way to hang Mackenzie's weekly crafts, creating painted wooden words that are painted turquoise and red, creating a design/layout for hanging our letter collages around the room so that at the end of August, the entire alphabet is hanging up.  I'm sure I'll find more stuff I need to do in this room, but for now this is the list.

There is one wish list item that I would love - a rug in the turquoise and red color scheme.  This item will probably not get done this month, mainly because rugs are just too darn expensive!

I love that it's more organized and the smaller, choking hazards are up off the floor, however that just means that Mackenzie is going to be asking me to get certain toys down for her to play with.  It also means that we are going to have to be diligent about cleaning up each and every night to make sure all of the little items are off the floor and in the baskets.  So far, so good, but I only just organized everything this morning! ;)


  1. No worries that it was just done this morning. . . it's done, right? Have you check Pinterest for artwork displays?
    Loads of great ideas!

  2. I used a clothesline look to hang artwork in my kindergarten could use a cute piece of ribbon or fabric, then hot glue some clothespins (you could paint them with your red and turquoise color scheme) and then Mackenzie can hang the artwork up herself. It will be easy to allow it to dry (if needed) and display for a short time. Just one idea. :)

  3. what a great space! good luck figuring out what works for you! keep up the good work!


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