Thursday, February 2, 2012

My new friend

I have a new friend...

Isn't she beautiful?!  She's so great and works so hard for me.

Seriously, I love my new laminator!  I have laminated so many things since Christmas and it never gets old.  Well, cutting the laminated items gets old, but the actual laminating is so much fun! ;)  I've been printing and laminating different preschool printables that we've be using so that we can use them again another time or when Meredith is ready for preschool.

These are just a few of the items I've laminated:

Once they've been laminated, I put them in the ziplock baggies to store so that I can grab the individual bag and place it in the drawer that day for school.  I've been printing most things on regular printer paper, cutting the cards, laminating and then cutting again.  But, one of the blogs I read says that they print on cardstock, laminate and then cut.  I guess it will still last since the paper shouldn't be tearing apart...I think I'll have to try that the next time I have a sheet of cards to laminate.

If you were looking into buying a laminator, I highly recommend this one.  I got if for Christmas, but had I not, I would have spent my own money on it.  The pouches aren't that expensive and you can buy them in packs of 50, so they last quite a while.  I've laminated a ton so far and have only used a box and a half (maybe 75 sheets).

This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas presents this year!  It's the little things in life that bring happiness! ;)

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  1. I've always wanted a laminator! Maybe we'll invest...

    I've laminated thousands of feet while I taught and I never cut first... double cutting no more! Laminate first ,then cut. The only thing I've had a bit of the flim peeling off is is the machine was not hot enough and sometimes super thick posterboard. That's my two cetns worth! :)


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