Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minor improvement; a happier me!

A few weeks ago I found a website that offers a wide variety of cute shelf paper.  That's right, I said shelf paper!  I wanted to put some sort of liner in my kitchen drawers, but I didn't want to use the plain stuff I have on my cabinet shelves.  I googled, "cute shelf paper" and this is what I found:

I was instantly in love and ordered 2 free samples for a closer look.  You can order either by the roll or exact sizes.  I priced both and for me it was only 2 or 3 dollars more to have it all cut to the exact size I needed!  So, look what I did yesterday!

Before - brown bottom

After - lined and reorganized!

I love it!  I've only done 3 of my 9 drawers so far, but it's so great!  Since it's all cut to the right size, I just find the one for that drawer (I have 3 different sizes), peel off the back a little bit and start sticking it down.  It's so easy and so much better than just a brown bottom of a drawer.  It's a vinyl liner, so it is easy to clean and I just love the pattern I chose.  Brandon thinks I'm crazy, but every time I open the drawers, it makes me smile! What more could you ask for in a drawer?! ;)

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