Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun at the Pond

This week we went to Granny and Papa's for a visit.  Mackenzie asked Papa if she could feed the fish and even though Papa knew most of the fish wouldn't eat because it was too cold, Papa still said yes.

This is a great shot of Mackenzie and Papa walking out to the pond.  (I had a little fun with a new Photoshop action!)
Some of the fish came up to eat, but not anywhere close to the frenzy that usually happens when you throw feed in the water.  Mackenzie was content just to throw the pellets one at a time into the water. 

Meredith loved being outside in general.  She kicked her legs a lot while Papa was holding her.

Everyone posed for pictures...

And then...oops!

She was standing a little to close to the edge and just slipped in the mud.  Luckily we were at a place where we could rinse her clothes off and throw them in the dryer. (I never carry a change of clothes for Mackenzie)  I'm happy to say that the mud came off of everything - including the shoes! Yay!

The lesson: buy some rubber boots for the pond and keep a change of clothes in the car!

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  1. Third time's a charm... I tried to comment two other times from my ipad and didn't get logged on correctly. So here is what I was trying to say... These are BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love them! I was reminded of two things:
    1. Chloe always kept a pair of rubber boots at Granny and Papa's because she loved to play outside when we would visit.
    2. I have a picture of Chloe and Papa walking away to feed the cows and I made it b/w except for her yellow boots.

    Please send me these pictures with the color adjustments you made! So glad you all get to be together.


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