Monday, February 6, 2012

*Fun* at the dentist

I took Mackenzie to the dentist today for the first time.  I had been waiting because I figured if it was like most doctors appointments she's been to, it wouldn't go well.  I'd been talking about it a lot lately and I even showed her the pictures of the dentist's office online.  I asked her several times this morning if she was going to be a big girl and be brave and have fun.  Her response was always yes and when we left this morning, she was truly excited to go.

She was still excited when we got there...and when she played on the slide in the waiting room.  She was just fine when we were called back and climbed right into the chair with a big smile on her face.  She was happy while the hygienist showed her all the tools and even let her squirt the water in her mouth.  She was happy when they showed her the x-ray machine and even when they put the apron cover on her body.

But...when the hygienist asked if she would stick the x-ray film in her mouth...things started to unravel.  She wanted nothing to do with the x-rays and so we didn't push it.  The hygienist said it wasn't a big deal and so she went to get the dentist to come look at her teeth.  While they were gone, Mackenzie became her happy self again and things were looking up.

But..then the dentist leaned the chair back and we unraveled even quicker this time!  In the end, I held her in my lap facing me and leaned her head back into the dentist lap while she quickly checked and cleaned her teeth.  All this while Mackenzie is crying, trying to wiggle free and fighting us the entire time.  When it was all over - it only took about 3-4 minutes - we sat her up and comforted her.  They brought in her sticker and when they asked her if she was ready to pick out her prize, she immediately smiled, said yes and went with them by herself into another area to pick out a prize.  It's amazing how quickly she recovered! ;)

Good news: no cavities and we don't go back for another 6 months!
Bad news: we go back in 6 months! ;)

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  1. I just made an appointment today for Mallory's first time. She's going to watch me first, so I'm hoping that will help.


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