Friday, February 24, 2012


I've been starting all kinds of projects in the last couple of months.  Notice I used the word "starting"?  That's the problem, I've been starting so many projects that I hadn't finished any of them and therefore had too many unfinished areas in the house.  My mom told me I needed to focus on one at a time.  This is so true.  I knew if I didn't focus, my house would be in a constant state of chaos and clutter which was the exact opposite of what I was trying to do with the projects!  Moms are so great. ;)  They tell you exactly what you need to hear and you follow it, even though it was the same thing I was telling myself and not following!

This was the current state of my dining room a couple of weeks ago.

It has been this way for a couple of months.  So in the dining room there are several projects going on in here.  As I'm going through different parts of the house working on these "projects", I'm finding more and more stuff that we don't need, want or use.  I've been making a pile in the dining room and need to take it to a donation center.  This morning I put most of it in large boxes, so it doesn't quite look this bad anymore, but it's still a pile of stuff in my dining room.  A project unfinished.  FOCUS.

All the stamps and paper on the table was my attempt weeks ago to make some birthday cards for the year.  I pulled out all of my cards (I've made or sent to me) and the corresponding stamp sets to see what I could make without buying anything.  I actually designed cards and cut all of the paper required, stacked it on the dining table and that's where it has stayed.  I need to stamp and assemble the cards to complete this project.  Sounds simple, but yet I haven't done anything about it.  FOCUS. 

The other item on the dining table are my new apothecary jars I bought to decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets.
Aren't they pretty?  After weeks of them sitting on the dining table, I finally asked Brandon to put them on top of the cabinets this past weekend.  It's only the start of a collection, but so far I really like it.  Over the years, I'll fill it up and it won't look so empty.
Another project that had been half done since just after Christmas was the reorganization of my living room built ins and fire place mantle.  I took everything off the shelves and mantle, gathered anything from other rooms that I thought might possible work and rearranged things.  Some items went to other rooms, some items went to the donation piles and some went into the cabinets to wait for the office built-ins to be built.
I also cleaned out the cabinets below and all that remains to be sorted through is the miscellaneous cables and electronic equipment that is stored in the cabinets.  Unfortunately, we have 2 more boxes of this kind of stuff, so this is a task Brandon and I will have to tackle together.  I imagine most of it will be thrown out, but I want Brandon's opinion first, because I don't know what kind of cables we might need in the future other than extension cords.

Two other bigger projects will be worked on this weekend - the completion of the playroom for the 29 day challenge I've joined and Brandon is re-doing my laundry room for my birthday (I chose a shade of purple).  I specifically asked that that be my birthday present.  I'm very excited!  I'll keep you updated on both, as I know you will be waiting on pins and needles for the results! ;)

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  1. Preach on sister!! I have a hard time focusing on one thing too! And your mama always has wise advice!!! Keep up the great work. Doesn't it feel great to finish something?!?!? Now I'm inspired! :)


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