Monday, February 20, 2012


If you don't know, I'm a fairly picky eater.  Some might laugh at the word "fairly" and say I should use "very", but I've gotten better in the last few years.  Really, I have.  Did you know that I didn't think I liked sour cream, pico and guacamole until a few years ago?!  I'll be 32 in one week, so that's approximately 20 years of liking Mexican/texmex food and not realizing that sour cream, pico and guacamole make it so much better!!

Anyways, because of my pickiness, I like watching cooking shows, but I know that most likely I'm never going to try the recipes they demonstrate.  There are usually WAY TOO MANY vegetables in the recipes that turn me off the minute the person calls them out! ;)  I've also never subscribed to any food magazines for that same reason.  Most recipes, unless it's a comfort food magazine/cookbook, are not appealing to me.  I'm not saying they aren't good or that Brandon wouldn't like it, it's just that if I don't want to try it/eat it, I'm not going to make it.  There is an exception to this rule - if I'm cooking for a crowd, I do recognize when most "normal" people would eat something and I'll make something I wouldn't normally make if only Brandon and I were eating.

I had a free subscription to the Food Network Magazine when we first moved in because the previous owners didn't forward their mailing address. ;) I liked it and I pulled out a few recipes over the few months I had the magazine, but there weren't enough recipes that I liked to caused me to get my own subscription.  With that said, if they had more issues like this one every month, I would have a hard time resisting a subscription...and fitting into my clothes! ;)

My grandmother gave me this magazine, but I did see it at the grocery store today.  It has so many good chocolate recipes...chocolate mousse cake, candy bar cake, chocolate bowls, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate ice cubes..chocolate souffles, frozen chocolate mousse pie, molten lava cake...and so much more!  I'll have to try one a month or have a "chocolate party" for all of us to try these awesome desserts!  If you haven't seen it yet and you love chocolate, like I do, go to the store right now (or in the morning if you prefer)! ;)

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  1. I bought that issue, too! I bet it was a big seller for them!


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